Hudson Headwaters


340B Audit Services

If HRSA called tomorrow to schedule a 340B program audit, would you be ready?

We’re here to help make sure you are. Hudson Headwaters Pharmacy Services conducts independent auditing and compliance assessments including a review of your program policies and procedures, inventory processing, eligibility rules, and more. An annual independent audit is exactly what HRSA recommends (in addition to your own internal audits).

Why choose us? Because we offer a unique perspective and experience: we are a 340B covered entity, we’ve guided many of our 340B clients through HRSA audits already, and we’ve been through a HRSA audit ourselves.

Don’t wait for HRSA’s call. Instead, assure your program compliance with an independent audit. Call us today. We’re here to help. Toll-Free: 855-835-340B or email:

Independent Audits

Our Independent Audit mirrors HRSA’s. While on site, our audit professionals review contract arrangements, evaluate policies and procedures, and offer insight on corrective action plan development.

Internal Audit Assistance

In addition to independent audits, HRSA expects covered entities to conduct regular internal audits of their 340B programs. Hudson Headwaters can assist your organization with creating an internal audit game plan including what to look for on a script-level basis and oversight on developing internal audit policy and procedures.

Compliance Assessments

If you’re not quite ready for an Independent audit or have specific concerns, Hudson Headwaters can complete a targeted compliance assessment of your program. Our audit professionals will work with you to address your concerns and provide insight on how to improve program compliance.